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Site Use Policy

This website is operated by Hotman. By using this website, you agree to these terms and conditions of site use.
*Please see our Privacy Policy for information on the management and protection of personal data.

1. Copyright
(1) The copyright of all content of this website, including text, photographs, images and any other content (hereinafter, gContenth) belongs to Hotman, or to the original author or other rights holder.
(2) Aside from the creation and archiving of site Content solely for personal use, and in accordance with the Copyright Act of Japan, no content from this site may be reproduced, made available to the public, altered, deleted or redistributed via another website except where expressly authorized by Hotman, the original author, or the other rights holder.
2. Site Content
(1) The Content of this site and information provided on other websites (hereinafter, gContent, etc.h) is not promised to be correct, valuable, or certain, and Hotman makes no other guarantee as to the correctness or completeness of Content, etc.
Hotman accepts no responsibility for any damage, incident or other event caused or relating to use of the Content, etc., on this site.
(2) Hotman may, without any prior notice, alter or terminate part or all of site structure, terms of use, URLs or Content, etc.
(3) Hotman may, without any prior notice, temporary cease or terminate operation of this site.
3. Linked Content
(1) Any person wishing to link to this site, including any inclusion of the URL of this site in printed media, including but not limited magazines and books, must inform Hotman of the intent to use the site URL via the Inquiry Form. The lack of receipt of a reply from Hotman with regard to the use of the site URL does not indicate tacit approval of said link use by Hotman.
(2) Links from any of the following sites, or sites suspected to include any of the following content, are forbidden:
*Sites containing content libellous or abusive to any Hotman director or employee.
*Sites offensive to public order and morals; sites damaging or likely to cause damage to the credibility and integrity of Hotman.
*Sites using frame links and other links likely to damage the certainty of the Hotman site.
*Links that falsely suggest some kind of partnership or collaborative or cooperative relationship between Hotman and the originating site; links that falsely suggest that Hotman is aware of or supports the originating site.
*Any other links deemed by Hotman to be inappropriate
4. Linked Content
The Inquiry Form should be used to make contact with Hotman about the Hotman site, links, and any other inquiries.

Personal Data Protection Policy

Hotman Co., Ltd. (hereinafter, gHotmanh) takes the management and protection of personal data seriously, and complies with the Act on the Protection of Personal Information in Japan as well as the principles set out in this Personal Data Protection Policy. Hotman is committed to protecting the personal data of its customers and clients.

1. Definition of personal data
Personal data is any data which identifies the customer as an individual (hereinafter, gpersonal datah), including but not limited to name, address, and telephone number.
Personal data includes that data which may identify you as an individual by reference to other information.
2. Obtaining personal data
When Hotman requests the customer to provide personal data, Hotman shall specify the purpose for which that data will be used, and inform the customer of the scope at which that personal data shall be provided to third parties, if any.
3. Use of personal data
Hotman shall use personal data provided by the customer for the following purposes:
*to provide Hotman products and services
*to provide information on Hotman
*to develop Hotman products and improve Hotman services
*to arrange payments
*to facilitate any other reasonable uses
Where Hotman seeks to use the personal data provided by the customer for any purpose going beyond the scope of use outlined above, Hotman shall seek permission from the customer to do so.
4. Employee training and monitoring
In order to ensure that personal data is safely and appropriately managed, Hotman shall provide continuous training to any employee handling personal data, and shall also ensure that such handling is appropriately managed.
5. Management of personal data
Hotman shall manage all personal data obtained from the customer appropriately, and shall take all necessary measures to ensure that personal data is not leaked, lost or noted down incorrectly.
Hotman shall appoint a Personal Data Manager, who shall be responsible for maintaining and improving the methods and operational framework of personal data management, and who shall guarantee the safety of the personal data held by Hotman. The Personal Data Manager shall put in place data security measures in order to prevent unauthorized access, the leaking, loss or falsification of personal data, or any other inappropriate handling of personal data.
6. Provision of personal data to third parties
Hotman shall at times provide the personal data obtained from the customer to the following third parties in order to fulfil the purposes set out above.
*Hotman group or franchise companies
*Delivery companies handling Hotman products
*Department stores, etc.
Hotman shall at times instruct a third party to conduct part or all of the work related to the handling of personal data. Where Hotman provides personal data to such a third party or allows the third party to collect personal data on its behalf, Hotman shall take due care to select an appropriate third party and shall conclude a contract setting out how personal data is to be handled. It shall take the necessary steps to ensure the prevention of personal data being leaked, lost or falsified, and where necessary shall monitor and instruct the third party on personal data handling.
In any case where Hotman is required to provide to a third party personal data from a customer who has not agreed to that data being provided to a third party, Hotman shall seek to obtain permission from that customer before releasing the data.
7. Customer inquiries
Hotman shall respond in a timely manner to any request from the customer for personal data to be disclosed, altered or withdrawn from use.
In order to prevent any data leakage resulting from a fraudulent data disclosure request, Hotman shall take appropriate steps to confirm the identity of any person requesting the disclosure, alteration or withdrawal of personal data.
8. Personal data response team
Hotman shall establish a dedicated customer service team to deal with inquiries and requests from the customer on personal data.
Personal data inquiries
To make an inquiry about personal data, please use the following email address.