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1868Founded as a silk textiles manufacturer.
1920Power loom factory built.
1932Begin the export of Damask tablecloth to America.
1941Established as a limited company.
1947Re-open the textiles factory. Begin production of cotton small bag.
1951Establish Baika Boshoku Co., Ltd. Begin production of dyed cotton fabric for women's clothes.
1959Establish the Dyeing Department within the Headquarters Factory.
1962Establish the Towel Factoryt within Headquarters.
1963Establish the Kawagoe Factory (Cheese Dyeing Department) in Saitama Prefecture.
Recognized by the Small and Medium Enterprise Agency as a Rationalized Model Factory.
1970Withdraw from women's clothing market, focus on towel production.
Establish Trading Department, begin wholeselling of towel products.
1971Establish the Hotman brand of towels.
Launch the Hotman Dandy Stripe, sparking a craze in Japan for striped towels.
1972Open a Hotman direct retail store in Roppongi, Tokyo.
1973Partner with ALPALOH Co.,Ltd, a German company, to begin sales of chenlile towels.
1974Establish Trading Division as a separate company, Hotman Co., Ltd.
1978Establish new Sewing Factory within Headquarters. Reach a total of 20 direct retail stores in Japan.
1979Establish Finishing Factory within Headquarters.
1983Move the Dyeing Department within Headquarters to the Kawagoe Factory.
Reach a total of 50 direct retail stores in Japan.
1985Establish the Dyeing Department as an seperate company, Baika Dyeing Works Co. Ltd.
Introduce chenille textile production equipment and technology from ALPALOHCo.,Ltd, in Germany.
1989Open a store in Isetan Department Store in Shinjuku, Tokyo.
Change agreements with wholesale trading concessions. Promote policy of direct store ownership.
1992Reach a total of 70 direct retail stores in Japan.
2008Hotman Co., Ltd. merges with Baika Boshoku Co., Ltd. Hotman Co., Ltd. chosen as name of new company.
2010Refurbish the flagship Hotman store in Roppongi, Tokyo, for the first time in 38 years.
2012Celebrate 40 years of the Hotman brand.
2013Registered trademark of ”1秒タオル”(1 Second Towel).
Build up new brand "UMEAOI" and "FARBE".
2014 Release the first MADE IN JAPAN Fairtrade towel series.
2015Registered trademark of ”永遠色(トワイロ)”(TOWAIRO).